To Be Happy You May Want A Wife Led Relationship

There are a few men who prefer to have a wife led relationship. For those men it is exhilarating to have the wife be in complete control of the relationship and the dominate person. This runs the gamut from letting the wife make most of the decisions to letting her have complete control and being submissive to her. Not all of the men who want a wife led relationship like to be truly submissive but merely prefer a lesser role in the marriage.

To what degree you end up in a wife led relationship of your own choosing is based on both of your preferences. You may simply let your wife do the checkbook and handle the most major financial decisions. You will have to discuss it with your wife because it could become a burden if she really does not want the largest share of the control in the marriage.

Rather than feeling like shes lucky to have control, she might feel that you are pushing off unpleasant decisions and jobs onto her. Be sure to balance it by taking over things that she doesnt like to do. This type of marriage is wife led in the sense that

Are You A Victim Of Dysfunctional Relationships 9 Warning Signs

Dysfunctional relationships are relationships that create more emotional turmoil than satisfaction. Relationships are part of the human experience. But what happens if one or both partners have never been involved in a happy relationship, or had one modeled for them as a child? Chances are they will participate in a dysfunctional relationship.

A dysfunctional or an about-to-be dysfunctional relationship always has warning signs. These must be identified and confronted in a timely fashion to prevent complete disintegration of he relationship. Here is a list of some warning signs of dysfunctional relationships:

1. Addictive/obsessive attitude: When one of the partners develops addictive or obsessive attitude and all the time seems overly focused on themselves or the other, it is time to reevaluate your relationship because this is the beginning of dysfunctional. You ‘lose yourself’ in the chaos.

2. Imbalance of power: You always feel that you are working much harder than your partner at making the relationship work. When your partner seems to make no effort at that, your relationship is probably going dysfunctional. Relationships are supposed to be a 50/50 partnership. If it has evolved into a 90/10 split with you doing all the giving and very little return,

Men’s Relationship Advice – How To Stimulate Conversation Within Your Relationship

When you are in a relationship with a woman, it can be kind of hard to always know what to do to keep the conversation rolling on between you and her. There might be times when you really want to get her talking to you, but you don’t know exactly what to do to stimulate conversation with the woman you are in a relationship with. You are aware that open communication is very important when it comes to having a successful relationship and you don’t want to see yours come to an end simply because there is too many silent moments between the two of you. It happens.

The easiest thing that you can do is to start to come up with questions to ask your girlfriend to get to know her. Most men seem to skip out on this part and then they are stumped as to why they don’t know the woman that they are dating better than they do. You really have to be curious and ask the right questions. Women dig this most of the time. They like to see that their guy has questions about them. It makes them feel wanted and it makes them

Anti Intuitive Techniques To Save Your Relationship

It is not easy to save a relationship. You’re hurt, heartbroken, lost and don’t know what to do. Every one of your friends has a different idea about what you can do to get back together. But no matter what you read or hear, there is always the fear that one wrong move will cause you to lose the person you love forever.

Is this you?

-Every song on the radio makes you cry
-Loss of appetite
-Binge eating comfort food
-Calling them several times a day
-Texting and emailing constantly
-Constantly checking email and voice mail to see if they called
-Staying home so you don’t miss a call
-Obsessing about why they REALLY left you
-Feeling depressed
-Wanting to spy on them
-Endlessly rehearsing what you should have said
-Endlessly rehearsing what you will say if you bump into them

This is where it gets tough… Often times, the thing that feels “most right” is just the opposite: The most WRONG thing to do.

If you’re dying to call, step away from the phone.

If you feel like pouring your heart out, stay quiet.


Save Your Relationship – Measure Of Giving And Taking

Try evaluating your own relationship. Can you identify a balance of 50-50 give and take in the relationship? If you can’t, you should start making the unavoidable changes in order to save your relationship. Take the first step by learning how to maintain your relationship with a balance of give and take.

First, let me tell you the truth. It is impossible to say whether your partnership is definitively equal because it is all about your perception. As such, to succeed in saving your relationship, you need to be objective.

You need to be able to gauge objectively how much love your partner and yourself is putting in to maintain the relationship.

Money foregone can be use to measure sacrifice towards a relationship but it is not a correct and useful gauge. In fact, it is a dangerous form of measurement. One should avoid using money to measure love.

Likewise the really important rewards of being in a relationship can only be assessed by the individuals concerned.

Couples will feel loved from the relationship when there is a balance of give and take. There are no considerations about why your partner is giving you less attention than you have given